Foil Me is an Australian company, conceived from the desire to help make hairdressers’ lives easier in more ways than simply providing a product. With Foil Me, customer service is paramount in everything they do, having designed foils and brushes that perform exceptionally, enhance the salon experience and provide businesses with a unique point of difference.

Some of the many benefits of Foil Me’s foils and brushes include:


The product remains in the foil, decreasing bleeding, and demarcation; therefore there is less product waste.

Foil Me’s signature embossing allows the air to circulate around the nodules which creates a faster processing time.

Brushes, packaging and foils are 100% recyclable, made from a percentage of recycled aluminium.


Foil Me’s core values of appreciation, integrity, innovation and optimism ensure all their partners are adopting an environmentally friendly movement in hairdressing.

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