Designed with more than just the consumer in mind, hur. has used stylist-led innovation and industry professional feedback to curate a collection of tools that bring a new angle to hair styling. Spearheaded by the signature slanted plates, all hur. irons give you the power, freedom and ability to experiment with your style.

Challenging what has become a monopolised space, hur.’s fresh approach to hair styling centres on high-performance tools that deliver immediate results, while keeping hair’s health as the number one priority.  With an exterior variable temperature control, users can select a heat that best suits their hair type, style or condition, avoiding unnecessary heat application and subsequent damage.  Each of hur.’s irons also boasts floating, mineral-infused ceramic plates that seal the hair’s cuticle and locks in moisture, leaving customers with smoother, shinier and longer-lasting results.

hur. gives customers the unique option to have their iron sent either ‘in all its glory’ or ‘naked’ in a bid to cut down on packaging where possible.  By doing so, hur. hopes to empower consumers to make choices they can feel good about, and pave the way for sustainable change in the beauty industry.  The brand has also employed a Social Enterprise to carry out its fulfilment – Paperworks provides support and opportunities to adults with autism, learning difficulties and complex needs, building both basic and more specific skills within the workplace.

WeLove Salons has hand-picked the best in healthy, vegan, natural, sustainable and organic hair care solutions.

These brands have been curated to complement each other and empower salons to offer credible ethical, eco-friendly brands in line with what today’s consumer wants. Salons who stock EveryGreen and Nine Yards will benefit from the full range of SBS partner rewards including a FREE retail website - use the contact form to enquire now.

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