Next to Natural provides healthy hair extensions that are exactly that – as close to your clients’ own hair texture as possible, and beautifully blendable for extension styles and wigs. These hair extensions are ethically sourced, contain zero plastic and are never mixed with synthetic hair fibres.

Founder Danielle combined her business mind and beauty obsession with a personal mission to provide premium quality hair extensions that boost confidence and enhance your clients’ natural beauty.

Next to Natural is about more than lustrous locks and looks that rock. They’re about supporting and empowering our fellow females – from small ways they can help to bring a confidence boost, to being able to provide a vital helping hand to their wider community, when needed. So when you buy Next to Natural, you’re always part of a bigger mission. 

WeLove Salons has hand-picked the best in healthy, vegan, natural, sustainable and organic hair care solutions.

These brands have been curated to complement each other and empower salons to offer credible ethical, eco-friendly brands in line with what today’s consumer wants. Salons who stock EveryGreen and Nine Yards will benefit from the full range of SBS partner rewards including a FREE retail website - use the contact form to enquire now.

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