Salon Sustainability are passionate about what they do, creating a cleaner environment and enabling others in our industry to do the same. We’ve partnered with Salon Sustainability to offer 15% off their services to salons stocking our portfolio brands.

Salon owner JC Aucamp is an award-winning colour specialist and is as passionate about the environment as he is about hairdressing. After being horrified by just how much salon waste goes to landfill, JC came up with the fantastic idea of Salon Sustainability.

He united a team of experts including Barry Tabor and twin brother Jacus who specialised in recycling, packaging and logistics and designed the program for the hair and beauty industry to make recycling easy and affordable.

Salon sustainability is a comprehensive waste recovery program designed to serve the hair and beauty industry throughout the UK. Salon Sustainability are able to recycle up to 95% of salon waste, which includes aluminium foils, colour tubes, hair, plastic, paper, PPE and more.

Their aim is to embrace the entire industry from freelancers to small and medium sized salons, right up to super salons. They even run a PPE Recovery Programme and offer fully compostable PPE including gowns, aprons and gloves.

WeLove Salons has hand-picked the best in healthy, vegan, natural, sustainable and organic hair care solutions.

These brands have been curated to complement each other and empower salons to offer credible ethical, eco-friendly brands in line with what today’s consumer wants. Salons who stock EveryGreen and Nine Yards will benefit from the full range of SBS partner rewards including a FREE retail website - use the contact form to enquire now.

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