“WeLove Salons are holistic hairdressers helping hairdressers, with an aim to provide a 360 degree approach of support, education, innovate hair brands, and wellness to our salon partners.”

WeLove Salons was created to offer salons and hair professionals something different – a supplier with the genuine desire to SUPPORT salons in their growth. Founded by a hairdresser with over 20 years of salon ownership, we know what hair professionals need to thrive.

We are passionate about your sales, business development, and your wellbeing too. As hairdressers, we are constantly giving, physically and emotionally, we are on our feet all day, we skip breaks, we give 100% to our clients. Here at WeLove, we want to give 100% to you, the stylists and salon owners, and our holistic hair philosophy will empower you to love what you do, but to love you too…


To bring crystals and positive energy directly to your styling station, we’ve created our own WeLove crystal candles. Available in amethyst and rose quartz, these candles are a salon must have. Our aim was to enhance not only the clients’ wellbeing experience, but also that of the team. We know that days can be busy with stressful appointments and demanding hours, so it’s important to ‘love what you do but love yourself too’. A percentage of all sales goes to the Hair & Beauty Charity.


Our rose quartz candle represents self-love, “to embrace and love your true self.” The rose quartz holds properties of universal love, aiding in restoring harmony and trust in relationships to encourage unconditional love. The presence of the stone promotes self-love, inner healing and feelings of peace.


The amethyst candle can be lit to “soothe your soul with clarity and calm.’ This purple stone holds protective, healing qualities claimed to rid the mind of negative thoughts. As a natural tranquiliser, it opens intuition; balances mood swings and relieves stress and strain.

“I have created these candles as part of our 360-degree holistic experience for stylists and clients. I want to share the power crystals hold and how to incorporate that into the workplace. I truly believe they are a must-have to maintain a positive working environment and nurture your team.”Founder, Rae Palmer